D Y N A O R G . c o m

Your Org Chart Managed on the Web

DynaOrg models an organization on a web browser, from departments down to individual tasks.

DynaOrg is used to efficiently and securely manage departments, projects, tasks, and documents from a single interface across the world. It is entirely web based and built upon open, documented standards.

Make Your Organization Dynamic

How often have you seen an org chart change before the last change was fully implemented? Imagine a web page that shows an org chart, where one can drag and drop a project from within one department to the next, and all access controls, reporting, and responsibility update immediately.

This is the concept of DynaOrg — the intranet of Dynamic Organizations. You can model your project, division, department, or company and make it available anytime and anywhere via the web.

DynaOrg automates management without trying to redefine it. It is administered by managers and users, not IT specialists. Use it for just for knowledge base and document management, or deploy its capabilities incremently.

SOX Compliance in a Box?

There is no silver bullet for SOX compliance. But DynaOrg is perhaps one of the best tools to get you there. DynaOrg was developed has been deployed for years in SOX and ISO-9000 environments, and it provides the tracking and controls required to easily sail through audits.

Contact us for a white paper which details on how DynaOrg can be used to assure compliance while slashing costs and improving efficiency. DynaOrg does all this by replacing many products and data stores with a single, unified product. You could be up and running within a day.